The Hare and Hounds Guide

One or two do's and don'ts plus a guide to help you enjoy yourself


To provide riders with 120 minutes (about 20 km) of interesting riding over varied terrain, with the entire pack finishing within 20 minutes or less of each other. No one should become lost.

Level of riding

A Hash should be rideable.


1. Two months before….. Set the date and choose the starting point

  • Enough room to park 30 cars (preferably free parking).
  • Shady place to hold the circle and hand out drinks.
  • Choose a nearby restaurant, (or hawker centre) for lunch after the circle.
  • Inform the On Sec & Webmaster of all details of your Hash at least 2 weeks before it is to take place.

… Recce the trail

  • The ideal Hash is 20km long and lasts for only 2 hours.
  • A good Hash needs between 3 to 10 recces.
  • The idea is to lay a trail which keeps the pack together.
  • Avoid main roads.
  • Make sure the in-trail doesn’t cross or come too close to the out-trail or first timers might find themselves going round in circles. If unavoidable, set home-paper after the pack has passed.
  • Decide on your check strategy. Back-checks are best.
  • Use open country to lay silly loops where slow riders can easily short cut to catch up front riders.
  • Never put out-paper checks near the home trail or people might complete the Hash in a shorter period than expected.
  • If having a drink stop, have it about 60% of the distance through the Hash.
  • Two types of drinks stops:
    • Hawker centre/filling station drink stop – riders buy their own drinks.
    • Ice box drink stop – Hares are responsible for costs incurred for drinks or fruit supplied.

2. One week before….. Gather Hares’ biodegradable paraphernalia

  • 10 – 12 rolls of toilet paper.
  • Chalk or gypsum plaster for road sections if any.

Note: Never use anything that will take forever to disintegrate. Remember to keep our country clean and green.

3. The Day Before….. Set the trail

  • Better pre-lay the day before unless it rains and you have to go out again on the day itself.
  • All Hashers are half blind and play follow the leader. Lay 2 – 3 times more paper than you think nececessary.
  • Paper hung on trees and on top of tall grass won’t disintegrate if it rains overnight.
  • Remember that unlike runners, bikers tend to look up and ahead.
  • Trail turn-offs must be clearly marked. Use BIG chalk marks on paved roads.
  • Trail markers should be visible at all times unless you are at a check.

4. The Big Day

  • Be at the Hash site 3 hours before to freshen up or lay the trail.
  • Try to be back for the start to make any announcements.
  • If you are out still laying the trail and can’t get back in time, never mind. Better to finish laying the trail.
  • The trail should start at the Hare’s car or at the ride site.
  • Tell the GM or the pack where the drink stop is.
  • Sweep behind the pack and observe how well they can read your trail. You will learn alot from this.
  • Let the pack solve any checks themselves. But if they are still there 10 minutes later please say something!
  • If there are people who obviously cannot go on or first timers who find it hard and want to short cut, you must show them a shorter route.

If anyone is lost, Hares must locate them.

Take Note

  • Do not lay trails across a main road.
  • Try not to lay the trail through stagnant water – mosquitoes and soil disease kill !
  • Spray paint (soluble and non-soluble) is forbidden.

And lastly, Don’t try to enter the Guiness Book of Records for the longest and most difficult Hash ever set!


  • Hounds must call the words ‘On-On’ every 20 – 40 metres when paper is found.
  • Do not shout ‘On-On’ unless you yourself are on paper.
  • Checks are designed to allow the rear of the pack to catch up with the front.

Checking – When you are either lost or if you are checking and would like to know where the rest of the mob are, the call is ‘Are You’. Everyone who hears this has the responsibility to respond with a ‘Checking’ or ‘On-On’.S.C.B. – Short for Short Cutting Biker. If you have used a short cut, don’t call ‘On-On’ until the pack reaches you. If you do, you may be stuffing up a carefully put together ride.

Checks & False Trails

  • Make all back checks down dead-ends. You won’t go wrong.
  • Don’t lay checks in the last 1 – 2 kilometres.
  • Never lay checks at a road junction.
  • Running Hash check strategies don’t work on the Bike Hash.
  • False trails can only start at a check.
  • A false trail peters out quickly … don’t lay it too long.

Check Markings

“X” or “O” Open field check. “T” Back check.


In the unfortunate event that you crash whilst on the Bike Hash or are a witness to a crash please try to remember the following points:-

1) The HOSPITAL is the (only) place to seek medical attention in the event of a serious crash. Necessary x-rays and scans need to be carried out in the event of a trauma to rule out possible fractures, internal injuries/bleeding and head injuries etc. If you are with someone who has a serious crash DO NOT send them home or to a general practitioner even if they insist.

2) The injured rider must be accompanied (by someone) when seeking medical treatment at the Hospital, particularly if they have lost consciousness or are in severe shock. Shock or concussion may cause the rider not to remember important information and thus not be able to give a proper account of what happened. A detailed account of the crash will aid the doctors in deciding the investigations required.

3) Hares are to carry a first aid kit and numbers to call for help.

4) Ride in a pack/group where at all possible. You may not be able to call for help if alone and something were to happen.

Please note that the above list is not a rigid guide to action that has to be taken. Each incident must be judged on its own merits. However, good common sense must always prevail and no injured rider should ever be left to fend for themselves.

Hash Songs

True Blue Aaaaaahhhh…here’s to _________ he’s true blue, He’s a Hasher true and true, He’s a Hasher so they say, He tried to go to heaven but he went the other way… Drinking down down down down…

For Slow Drinkers (to the tune of “O Come All Ye Faithful”)

  • Why are we waiting, Whyyyy are we waiiitinggg…
  • Oh why are we waiiitinggg…
  • Why why why…

For Birthdays

  • Why was she born so beautiful
  • Why was she born at all
  • She’s no jolly use to any of us
  • She’s no jolly use at all…
  • Drinking down down down down…

For Punishments

  • He ought to be publicly roused on
  • He ought to be publicly shot (Bang! Bang!)
  • He ought to be locked in the doghouse
  • And left there to fester and rot!
  • Drinking down down down down…

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