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next ride: # 591 & EGM


Given the impending departure of 2EZ and FCB and pursuant to our Constitution, we are giving notice of an EGM to be conducted 16 October 2022, 09:45 just before our next ride (details of which are below) for the purpose of electing a new GM(s) and other Committee roles.  The nominees are as follows:

  • GM: We understand Wet Beaver (Sue) is willing to step up for this
  • Treasurer: We are fortunate to have Patrick M. volunteer for this role
  • HonSec: Volunteers welcome

These are the formally-designated roles under our Constitution.  In addition, we will retain the following:

  • Webmaster: Slippery Nipples (Reto)
  • Hash Brew: Old Worn Stump (Patrick E.). It would be good for Patrick to have some ‘understudies’ available for when he is not.

We are also proposing to create a new role, Haremeister, the purpose of which is to work with the HonSec to ensure we have a solid Hareline, and to support newer Hares as they learn how to set appropriately challenging and unorthodox rides. Current OnSec is most keenly interested

It goes without saying that anyone is welcome to volunteer for any of these roles, so by all means put up your hand (or your proxy, if you can’t make the ride) for anything you’re interested in.

Next ride

  • Date: October 16
    • departing 10am but please arrive 15 minutes earlier for the EGM
  • Start/finish: Namly Park
  • On On: Lazy Lizard; 2, Sixth Ave, Singapore 276470
  • Hares: Hannes and Ugly Gash (Jens) 

Enjoy the remaining few rides in 2022 as a grandfathered member.  We’ll restart our normal membership process going into ’23.