Bike Hash Singapore

UEN No. T13SS0125G


A. Name and Place of Business

  1. The Club shall be known as the BIKE HASH (SINGAPORE).
  2. The Club’s place of business shall be in Singapore. The exact address shall be decided upon by the Committee and approved by the Registry of Societies.

B. Aims and Objectives

  1. To organize recreational Mountain Biking rides in Singapore and abroad and occasional social events for its Members.
  2. To foster mutual goodwill, understanding, and friendship between its Members.
  3. To foster relations with similar Clubs and Societies throughout the world.
  4. To offer equal opportunities for both male and female Members.

C. Membership

  1. Membership is open to all living in or visiting the Republic of Singapore who are not less than sixteen years of age, regardless of race, religion, gender and nationality. Honorary Membership may be held by former Members who may or may not reside in Singapore.
  2. The Committee has the right to refuse Membership without giving any reason, and its decision is final. It may also designate a former Member as Honorary. Honorary Members shall not be subject to the yearly subscription and shall remain Honorary Members unless such Honorary Membership is revoked by the Committee or requested by the Honorary Member. Honorary Members may at the discretion of the Committee hold office in the Club. Honorary Members may attend an AGM or EGM but have no voting rights at an AGM or EGM.
  3. All Members, guests, and applicants for Membership shall ride at their own risk. No Member of the Club shall be liable for injury or loss incurred by any Member, guest, or applicant for Membership while taking part in or organizing any activity connected with the Club.
  4. A person wishing to join the Club shall submit a completed Membership form to the Hon. Secretary, along with the subscription fee for the current year. A copy of the constitution may be obtained by every approved applicant through download from the Club website.
  5. Members who have become absent during a Membership year (defined as having missed five (5) consecutive organised Rides in a membership year) shall be considered Absent Members and shall not count in the Membership total for that year, nor in the determination of a quorum.
  6. An Absent Member shall not be entitled to a refund of the yearly Membership subscription fee. They shall in addition cease to enjoy full privileges, such as being eligible to vote or attend Club AGMs and EGMs. If an Absent Member attends a ride within the Membership year in which he/she became absent, he/she will not be required to pay the guest fee whether or not he/she attends the circle or not. A Member that has become absent can, at any time, revert to full Membership status by attending rides within the Membership year.

D. Subscription

  1. Yearly subscriptions are due immediately upon the signing of the Membership indemnity form and shall be $100 for male and female Members. Based on the prevailing Membership levels, revenues, and expenses, changes in rates may be proposed by the Committee, and shall be altered upon simple majority approval by the Membership in attendance at an AGM or EGM. Subscription must be for a complete year regardless of date of joining, or change of Membership status. Refunds shall not be payable under any circumstances.

E. Guests

  1. Anyone who is not a regular Member who attends any part of a Bike Hash shall pay the guest fee, whether or not they attend the circle or consume refreshments.
  2. The guest fee per ride shall be $15 for males and females, or such other sums as determined from time to time by the Committee.

F. Resignation and Expulsion

  1. A Member may resign from the Club at any time. Notice is not required, but as a courtesy the Member should inform the Hon. Secretary.
  2. A Member may be expelled from the Club if he/she commits acts which are injurious to the Club. A decision by the Committee shall come into force unless it is countermanded at an AGM or EGM.

G. Management

  1. The Club shall be administered by a Committee of up to seven Members, but not less than four Members which may comprise of any mix of males and females. A Committee Member who becomes an Absent Member during his/her term may continue to hold office unless asked to resign by the Committee.
  2. The Committee shall consist of a President who shall be known as Grand Master (GM) or Grand Mistress (GMs), Hon. Secretary, Treasurer, and up to four Committee Members that shall have functions as determined by the overall Committee necessary for the successful operation of the Club. The position of Grand Master shall be male and Grand Mistress shall be female. One of the Committee Members may be elected as deputy GM or GMs and may be either male or female and shall carry out the functions of the GM or the GMs in the absence of either. Apart from the GM or GMs, Committee Members may hold more than one function should the Committee be less than seven persons. Should all four Committee Members not be elected one or more of their functions may also be Honorary and held by a non-voting, non-Committee Member.
  3. The functions of the Committee shall be as follows:a) To execute the resolutions passed at any AGM or EGM and to deal with the affairs of the Club. b) As required, to raise funds and to plan programs for the Club.
  4. Persons for the above offices shall be proposed and seconded at the AGM (or EGM) and election will follow on a simple majority vote of the Members present.
  5. The principal office bearers of the Club are the Grand Master or Grand Mistress, the Hon. Secretary, and the Treasurer. The principal office bearers must be at least 21 years of age.

H. Duties of the Committee

  1. GRAND MASTER or GRAND MISTRESS: Preside at any AGM, EGM, and Committee Meetings; be responsible for the affairs of the Club; have the deciding vote at any meeting in the event of a tie vote; represent the Club in its dealings with the public.
  2. HON. SECRETARY: Record and keep minutes of any AGM, EGM, and Committee Meeting and ensure their correctness; keep a Membership register.
  3. TREASURER: Responsible for the collection of all yearly subscriptions, guest fees and dues and keeping the accounts of the Club in proper order; prepare annual accounts of the Club for the Committee Meetings and AGM; sign all cheques and approve cash disbursements.
  4. FOUR COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Carrying out of instructions of the overall Committee in accordance with the duties they may have been assigned.

I. Meetings

  1. COMMITTEE MEETINGS a) The Committee shall meet at least twice a year. The Hon. Secretary shall inform all Committee Members of the date and time of the meeting at least seven days in advance. b) For the Committee Meeting to be valid and constitute a quorum, at least four Committee Members must be present.
  2. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM)a) An AGM shall be held in April each year. At least fifteen Members of the Club must be present at the AGM for its proceedings to be valid. Notice of the AGM shall be sent to all Members of the Club at least fourteen days before the AGM. b) The following matters shall form the agenda for the Annual General Meeting: i) Read and confirm the minutes of the previous AGM, ii) Address any matters arising thereof, iii) Review the audited financial statement for the preceding year, iv) Elect the Committee for the upcoming year, v) Elect two voluntary Hon. Auditors from the Membership for the upcoming year, vi) Any other matters. c) Any Member who wishes to place an item on the agenda of the AGM may do so by giving notice (by written, electronic or other means) to the Hon. Secretary not less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting date. d) In the event of there being no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned to a place and time to be notified. Should the number then present be insufficient to form a quorum, those present shall be considered a quorum, but they shall have no power to alter, amend, or make additions to the existing rules. e) Nominations for the new Committee are to be circulated in written, electronic form prior to the AGM, but primarily through an email to the Membership and a post on the Club website.
  3. EXTRA ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING (EGM) a) To discuss any urgent matter, the Committee has the power to call for an EGM by giving at least ten day’s notice. Clause I.2.d) of this constitution regarding the quorum and postponement of an AGM shall apply. b) An EGM requested by the Members must be held within thirty days of receipt by the Grand Master of a written request signed by at least one third of the Members. Only matters stated in the letter of request shall be discussed. Clause I.2. d) of this constitution regarding the quorum and postponement of an AGM shall apply. However, if no quorum is present after thirty minutes from the scheduled commencement of the EGM postponement meeting, the meeting shall be cancelled, and the meeting shall not be held for the same purpose until the lapse of at least six months from the date thereof.

c) At other times, an Extraordinary General Meeting must be called by the President on the request in writing of not less than 25% of the total voting membership or thirty (30) voting members, whichever is the lesser and may be called at any time by order of the Committee. The notice in writing shall be given to the Honorary Secretary setting forth the business that is to be transacted. The Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened within two (2) months from receiving this request to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting.

d) If the Committee does not within two (2) months after the date of the receipt of the written request proceed to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, the members who requested the Extraordinary General Meeting shall convene the Extraordinary General Meeting by giving ten (10) days notice to voting members setting forth the business to be transacted and simultaneously posting the agenda on the Society’s Website.

J. Audit

  1. Two persons who are not Members of the Committee shall be elected as Hon. Auditors at the AGM. The Hon. Auditors shall hold office for one year only and shall not be re-elected. They shall be required to audit each year’s accounts and present a brief report upon them. They may also be required by the Grand Master to audit the accounts of the Club for any period within their tenure of office and make a report to the Committee.

K. Amendments

  1. Any additions or amendments to this constitution must be approved at an AGM or EGM. No addition or amendment to this constitution shall come into force until it has been approved by the Registrar of Societies.

L. Financial Provisions

  1. All transactions with any bank used by the Club shall be signed jointly by the Grand Master or the Hon. Secretary, and the Treasurer.
  2. No Member may commit the Club financially without the written consent (which may be in the form of an email) of the Committee.
  3. The fiscal year of the Club shall end on 31 December each year.

M. Prohibitions

  1. Gambling of any kind is forbidden.
  2. The funds of the Club shall not be used to pay the fines of Members who have been convicted in court.
  3. The Club shall not attempt to restrict or in any manner interfere with trade or prices or engage in any trade union activities.
  4. The Club shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its Members or not, in the name of the Club or its Committee Members.
  5. The Club shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.

N. Interpretation

  1. In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which is not expressly provided for in the Constitution, which shall also be the rules of the Club, the Committee shall have power to use its discretion. The decision of the Committee shall be final unless it is reversed at a General Meeting of members.

O. Dissolution

  1. The Club shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than three fifths of the Members of the Club, expressed either in person or by proxy at an EGM convened for the purpose.
  2. In the event the Club is dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Club shall be fully discharged and the remaining funds shall be donated to charity or disbursed in any way as approved at the EGM in which dissolution is approved.
  3. Notice of dissolution shall be given to the Registrar of Societies within seven days of the dissolution.

Amended at the AGM held on 12th April 2015.

A copy of this constitution may be downloaded here.