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My last bike hash (for now…), November 2021

I found the BikeHashSingapore, as its now called (back then it was “the Singapore Bike Hash”), via a websrarch in late 2012 or early 2013 and joined the rides (more or less regularly) ever since then.

To cut a long story short:

the bike hash is the best way to explore Singapore ‘off the beaten tracks’

webmaster S.N.

I got to meet and to know interesting people, learned a lot about bike equipment, maintenance and repair, got regularly stuck in mud, flew over the handlebars a few times, lost orientation and missed the pack more often than I thought would be possible.

The video below is a truncated testimony of the ride I joined in November 2021, shortly before leaving the Lion City after spending almost 16 years here.

Are you curious to explore Singapore like very few others do?

Simply sign up as a member or join the hash as a guest. The schedule, pardon me, the “hare-line” as it is properly called in hash-language, can be found here.

Want to join right away, then head over here.

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ride # 550 25 November 2018

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access the ride report here.



Next AGM will be 24.04.2022 (as previously communicated to members via EMail).

Agenda and accounts are embedded below:

members: arrive at 09:45 for the AGM – thank you!!


Notice of AGM

pencil the 24.04.2022 into your agenda for the next AGM. Invites and other pertinent matters will arrive in due course!

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Ride #584 is coming!

we’re scheduled for a ride on 24.04.2022. Stay tuned for details!!